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Education: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Kettering University (formerly GMI Engineering & Management Institute)
Master of Science in Manufacturing Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, General Motors Fellowship, Master Thesis at Toyohashi University, Toyohashi, Japan.

"Work" Experience: Construction (basement waterproofing, yuck), Production Supervision (terrible at it), Product Engineering, Process Engineering, Community Building, Public Speaking, Mentoring, Entertaining, Writing, Preaching, Soccer Dad.


I write about living a life that is not only successful, but significant. This includes topics that cover the range of "Having Fun, Making Money, and Making a Difference." I enjoy humor, history, business, travel, sports, music, my family and friends, motorized adventure, reading, and sharing my faith in Jesus Christ. I am married to Terri and we have four children. Favorite Quote: "Our greatest fear shouldn't be that we won't succeed, but rather, that we'll succeed at something that doesn't matter!" (attributed to D. L. Moody) Some of my own (as far as I know!): "It's not as important to succeed as it is to matter, and you'll likely accomplish the former if you shoot for the latter." "The only way to BE happy is to GIVE happy." "Our privileges are not for our pleasure, but for our purpose." Enjoy the blog!