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Am I the first commenter EVER on here?

I am pumped for this book to come out.

We had a staff meeting this morning about the Founding Fathers. My contention was that they were highly educated and a bit radical.....(aka rascals).

Time to turn the hands of time back.


WOW ! i thought there would be a TON of comments in here.

Chris Brady has a writing style that will hold your interest and ,if you agree to the slightest degree, will motivate you to action.

if this book has half the passion of LLR with some animation !! i'm excited about it !

Jason Jasper

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE send that book down through our system! :o)

Looking forward to it and loving what you have done with the blog!

God Bless!

Trish Kirby

Can't wait to get my copy!! Thank you for all you do Chris you are a true example of what a leader is! God Bless.


Gain a sense of personal fulfillment (and exhiliration) from stepping out of line and in a direction different from the crowd. Do it with grace, sound principles, and the right knowledge. You will find other "rascals" along the way. Don't settle for anything in should be one without regrets. Live your life with a sense of duty. What is your legacy going to be for the generations that follow?
Thx Chris for taking the time to share your thoughts in Rascal!

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